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The Craft of Raising Your Own Meat Birds

  • Echo Valley Farm 335 Wurr Rd Loma Mar, Ca (map)

 If you are interested in learning to raise your own meat birds this may be of interest.  Turkeys are lovely, gentle creatures and with a few imperative needs met, are fairly easy to raise for an excellent, healthy family meat supply.  

In this workshop we will sell each participant a live turkey–your turkey.  We will share what we have learned about their care, housing, feeding  of these lovely animals.  We will demonstrate how we respectfully turn these beautiful creatures into food for our families.  We will teach you to do the same with your bird.

We will begin at 9am. (But let us know if you’d like to come earlier, we milk the cow and goat around 7:30.  The workshop will includes a farm lunch and we should be finishing around 3 or 4 in the afternoon.

We are charging $200 for the workshop, lunch and the turkey.*

The class will be taught by Dede Boies, who is a very experienced farmer and livestock keeper.  And Kate Haas, owner of the farm and farmer now for about 3 years.  Echo Valley Farm is a private homestead farm where the farm residents are committed to learning for ourselves and deepening our knowledge of the craft of excellent food raising, and in turn sharing and promoting what we’ve gleaned in order to do our part to promote a real, local, healthy food system for everyone.

It should be a fun day and it will be nice to meet others in the area interested in homesteading skills and good food.  Please let us know if you are interested, or if you would like to hear about other workshops or farm visits in the future.

 *We do not ever want the cost of a class to be a hinderance to a workshop, so please let us know if this is an issue.