A Small Homestead Farm

We think the best use of our land is growing food for ourselves and neighbors.

Like so many folks these days, we value participating in our local food economy and aim to offer one more excellent reason to “not drive over the hill” for food.

What if we really could feed ourselves locally? It is a worthy goal. The world would be a healthier place. And you know what? It’s a patriotic quest. And what better place to build a sustainable community than here, in our South Coastal region of the Bay Area where we are isolated by the Santa Cruz mountains and are blessed with some of the most fertile soil in the world?

It is a worthy use of our land— growing food for ourselves and neighbors.

Echo Valley Farm is our opportunity to participate in a small way in this hugely important effort to feed our community, help build a local food system, relearn the food crafts of our grandparents' generation and all the while, build the soil a bit while we are at it.