Goodbye Lucy and welcome Indy


We are saying goodbye to heifer Lucy, born on our farm the end of last year and queen Bambi's first born. This pretty cow is half jersey and half angus and she's going on to a coastside farm on the most northern end of Santa Cruz to begin her career as a breeding cow for a grassfed operation.  She's become a bit much for us, not the docile jersey personality we've grown accustom to with momma Bambi and aunt Pansy.  Angus are much wilder critters and though this is going to be a very unhappy change for Bambi we are relieved to see this skiddish heifer move on to her "forever home."

On the same trip to Santa Cruz we are also bringing home a new cow as well.  We've purchase a little miniature half jersey, half dexter 4 month old heifer named Indy from farmer friends in Santa Cruz.  She's going to be a bit of an experiment for us as we've never had a Dexter and look forward to learning about the breed. We expect she will fair particularly well on grass as our friends report their other 1/2 Dexters have stayed fat on pretty poor quality pasture alone.  If she also is a good milk producer we might just have an especially good fit for our micro dairying ambitions on our little farm.  Mother Earth News reports that these small dexters are particularly well suited for homesteaders like us.  Here's some of what we've learned about these little cows:  More to report later.