So what's up with being an "angus?"

Lucy and her momma, Bambi

Lucy and her momma, Bambi

Lucy's been a learning opportunity for us new farmers. To remind, she is not a jersey like her sweet mum-- well half of her is and the other 1/2 is angus. This didn't register as having much meaning (the angus business) when we AI'd her mom-- our concern was getting Bambi "with calf." 

Well we did, and Lucy is here and the gal's a bit jersey and the other bit -- the big bit --wild child of the farm. Holy cow! This girl's got some personality! Is this what being an angus means? (Learning, yes... and duh!?) 

This little calf's a nut. If she get's out in the barnyard, all bets are off and who cares about the electric cow fencing? Woo hoo! It's partytime in the meadow for this girl. And her mom Bambi, by the way, with her plaintive moo-ings, seems just as alarmed as us farmers. 

Anyway, this is a long way of mentioning, Lucy may be out growing our little micro farm soon and we'd love to put the word out that this gal could make a wonderful momma cow to a lovely (well fenced) grass-fed operation? Uh, maybe soon...?