Meet Our Barnyard Residents

On our little farm, we have 100 or so laying hens, 2 ducks, and a lonesome noisy guinea hen mixed in the chicken yard and a mighty herd of 12 micro-sized dairy goats-- the sweethearts or our little farm. We have the lovely opportunity to indulge these fellow farm-mates and we aspire to give them good, healthy happy lives here in Loma Mar.

Lisa the goat

Lisa the goat

We raise our miniature dairy goats for our own dairy needs, cheesemaking and as well-paid lawn mowers and brush clearers.  We have miniature Nubians and miniature Guernseys/Nigerian mixes.  Guernsey goats are a rare breed and excellent milk producers, even in a miniature size. These are ideal, tiny, dairy producing goats for small-scale homesteading.  

Important to note, we test our goats and they are free of CAE, CL, Q fever, Johnes and Brucelllosis. We band castrate our bucklings into wethers at 4 months. Frequently we have wethers and doelings and occasionally bred and un-bred does available to good homes. We will only sell our animals in pairs or to homes with goats in residence already, as our farm friends are herd animals and we respect their need for companionship. Also important to note, to date we do not separate our babies from their mothers. We may do this at some point, there are some very good arguments for doing so, but for now, we let our bucklings stay with momma until they are 2 months old and the doelings are not separated until they are sold or until mom tells them to "bugger off" on her own.

We do offer for sale some of our animals. Please see our for sale page for our current offerings.